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Can’t find enough competent employees in your country?

Need to cut down the costs on labour but don't want to drop the quality?

Is your business in a little town where it is hard to find enough staff?

Looking for more motivated blue-collar workers?

Want to increase your competitiveness?

Are you ready to leave the hassle with recruitment behind?


Welcome to EUWORK's homepage!


Euwork Recruitment Agency was established in 2005 as one of the first Hungarian employment agencies specialized in international employment services to EU countries. Today we are the leading agent in this sector, recruiting 100 persons successfully in a MONTH. 


We are committed to provide our European and overseas partners with inexpensive, already qualified and reliable workforce from Hungary and other Central European countries.

Finding the right staff for your open positions

If you are ready to work with Central European staff, we are able to find cost-effective labour for any kinds of white collar or blue collar jobs or even student jobs. We can look for employees for full-time/part-time and seasonal jobs too.  Language skills are essential for the workers which we provide. Furthermore we test the personality and knowledge of the candidates to find the best employee in accordance with our partners' need.

Recruitment process

As you can see on our website, our labour agency supports well-known and successful companies in Europe and overseas. To match their requirements in quantity we cooperate with all major job portals in Hungary. Additionally, our own site (www.euwork.hu) is most well-known among Hungarian workers looking for jobs abroad. Our own database contains more than 40.000 individuals.

Our recruitment and selection process includes assessment of personal and professional skills utilizing a vast range of proven test methods including Personal Interview, AC, Psychometric Tests, etc.  Should the candidate successfully complete the aforementioned challenges, he or she is forwarded directly to our partners for further consideration. (read more about our services and fees).

We do have Gangmasters licence (GLA) in the UK allowing us to work on more special sectors as well.

Starting the business

Hungarian workers are diligent, motivated, hardworking and well-trained, while Euwork can give you the best service available. If you have vacancies, please do as follows:

  • Otherwise, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

We hope to welcome you among our satisfied partners soon!





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